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Wish list

Donations to the Wish List allow Hospice of Palm Beach County Foundation to underwrite the cost of Hospice of Palm Beach County's unanticipated items not included in the annual budget.  Some donors choose to underwrite specific items, whereas others make a general donation to the Wish List to be used for identified items and future needs.  You can enhance the quality of life for Hospice of Palm Beach County's patients and their families by supporting this program with a gift.

The following are special Wish List items that are needed to enhance patient care delivery and improve professional development:

 wish list Digital voice amplifier

 Digital Voice Amplifier for our hearing impaired patients. 

Need: 2 Amplifiers @ $166 per item

wish list music therapy clip speaker

 Portable Clip Speaker with Microphone for Music Therapy Program

Need: 11 @ $49.95 per item


Black Rosary with zippered case for our patients and families.

Need: 600 @ $.50 each: TOTAL: $300

To donate towards the wish list, please click here.



*To donate to the wish list please contact 561-494-6887. 

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