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donor testimonials

"We cannot express enough gratitude and appreciation to your staff for the tender care we all received during this difficult time.  Absolutely we interacted with was so kind, and we want you all to know that it did not go unrecognized.  We appreciate your kitchen staff, your security staff, and your custodial staff, all who greeted us warmly at all times.  We hope that our request for donations to Hospice of Palm Beach county will bring a little support to your wonderful program." -J.T. from Jupiter, Florida

"Through this most difficult time of my life you were totally committed to Albert and me.  Your care, caring and love were most appreciated.  You are truly 'special' people.  if all the people in the world were of your image, this would be a perfect place." -A.M. from Palm Beach Gardens, Florida

"Back in December my Dad's internist gave us the best advice for my father and our family.  He told us to call Hospice of Palm Beach County.  He told us it was never too early for hospice care and we would find many benefits for everyone concerned.  I am writing to you today to convey six months of observations of your wonderful staff.  I often wonder what kind of person is so dedicated to a cause that is so personal and that is life.  All of the individuals we met were extraordinary and the ultimate in professionalism." -K.S. from New Jersey.

Why I Donate to Hospice of Palm Beach County Resale Shops

By Bobbi Abbott

In 2009, I learned firsthand what Hospice of Palm Beach County's programs and services were all about.  They cared for my husband as he fought the end of his ten-year battle with cancer and, ultimately my family, when we needed them most.  Without hesitation, the team was there to support us all through one of the hardest times of our life.

In the year and a half since my husband passed away I have begun donating items to Hospice of Palm Beach County's Resale Shops.  I learned that by doing so the monies raised from the sale of my items support the services that my family was fortunate to receive.  To this day, I am incredibly grateful for the support we received and I want to do my part to make sure other families in my community have these services when they need them.  I urge anyone who has gently used items to consider donating them to Hospice of Palm Beach County's Resale Shops. Help them support Hospice of Palm Beach County's mission of providing a great healthcare experience to all, regardless of their ability to pay.

Giving Back

"We wanted to do something significant to show our appreciation for the care that Hospice of Palm Beach County provided to our family," said Mimi Hodgkins, whose father passed way in our care.  Mimi and her brother Jeff, Eischen decided to donate their father's home to Hospice of Palm Beach County Foundation.

"My father instilled in us the need to give back to the community.  We are incredibly appreciative of all Hospice of Palm Beach County did for our family. We wanted to do something that could help ensure the same care and support is available to others who will experience what we went through."

By donating the house, Mimi and Jeff were able to make a significantly large gift without having to write a check from their own bank accounts.  "We found this option to be such a great way to give back," said Mimi.  "The process was fairly easy and the gift also enabled us to memorialize our parents by naming a unit family room after them."

"Calling Hospice of Palm Beach County was one of the best decisions we have ever made," said Mimi.  Originally, Mimi felt that by calling us she was giving up hope for her father. "I kept putting it off, but taking care of dad was a lot of work.  With a family of my own and a full time job, I was exhausted.  Once he got in the program, i could immediately see that my father's quality of life was a hundred times better.  Hospice made a tremendous difference in just the short time they cared for him," she said.

Mimi now encourages anyone in need of hospice care to call as early as possible.  "Don't way to make the call.  Not only did they make us feel like we weren't going through this alone, they influenced the last memories we have of our dad.  he would be so proud to know that his home has been donated to an organization that makes such a difference in so many lives."

For information or questions about giving to Hospice of Palm Beach County Foundation or Hospice by the Sea, call (561) 494-6888. To make a donation please click here.

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