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Staff Training and Education

Trustbridge's Education Department serves both internal and external constituencies through a wide range of programs that touch virtually every segment of our community.  Thorough preparation of the staff, including detailed orientation classes for each new employee (an average of 27 new employees per month) to lessons in 'Survival Spanish,' comprehensive education and training is the cornerstone of the organizations' success.

Encompassed within our Education department:

  • Mandated review classes for the national hospice certification program and end-of-life clinical experiences for student nurses.  The hallmark of Trustbridge is the highest possible quality of medical and compassionate care, extended from the very first telephone call through the continuum of care to bereavement programs that follow the loss of a loved one.
  • External education reaches more than 16,000 people a year in the area with information on how to care for end-of-life patients--theirs and ours--even better.
  • Open houses occur three or four times a year at the Gerstenberg campus for numerous area schools and healthcare training facilities.
  • Coordinating a hands-on skills workshop for clinical staff, using equipment that stimulates real-life situations to train workers to provide top quality patient care.

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